Because we believe that there is no better pleasure than living well.


Fine linens provide a sumptuously tactile way to make life more enjoyable.  They are a small, often under-regarded indulgence which when chosen and cared for properly will provide years of enjoyment.

"I opened this store not only because of my love of  textiles but also - although it may seem contradictory for a retailer to say- because i think mindless consumption has degraded not only our environment but also to some extent our souls.  Ultimately i think we all long for a deeper relationship with the things we buy.  When we better understand what makes a product special, we enjoy it more and care for it better.  Buying fewer things and keeping them longer not only makes economic sense it is the most emotionally durable way to consume.  This process must begin with the retailer. A  purposeful store doesn't sell products, it communicates values & attributes.  It should speak beyond the products it sells by answering the the more fundamental question of why it is selling them."

At Antara Home we serve customers looking for exceptional quality and we excel at helping them make the right choices.  While this is often a slow process, our customers leave with a better understanding of what they need and why their purchase best meets that/those need(s).  It is a space designed to connect beauty with utility and a business devoted to instilling a deeper respect for the things we consume.