Our interior design practice specializes in transitionally-oriented upholstered furniture, window treatments & floor coverings with a perspective informed by the eclectic eye of founder, Raj Singh.  

"In my practice we begin with a conversation and before a project starts we let that dialogue run its natural course, however long that may take and wherever it may lead.  A meaningful design process must first identify the underlying tensions in order to resolve them effectively.  Form & function, beauty & utility, elegance & authenticity: a designer helps his clients balance many contradicting forces. The journey we take together explores nuanced contours, it helps clarify spatial relationships and address missing elements and is here in the often ethereal details that we find our alchemy."     

At Antara Home our goal is to create successful spaces which is somewhat different than creating beautiful spaces.  Our work focuses on stripping away "pre-packaged" clutter in order to identify structural impediments and correct stylistic inconsistencies.  We believe first and foremost that rooms should function effortlessly; secondly that the only way to insure that the "parts" always remain in sync with the "whole" is to develop a coherent, stylistic narrative and that, finally, when a living environment offers an honest glimpse into our person: past, present & future, it will always reflect something beautiful and timeless.   

"As a self taught designer my style has evolved out of the experiences of my life and is articulated in a language of my own creation.  While i enjoy pushing those boundaries, my limitations can be as important as my strengths.  I am transitionally-oriented; neither a modernist nor a traditionalist. In practice this means that while i have a deep appreciation for classical principals i don't feel beholden to them.  I specialize in textiles and carpets and usually build my work upwards from these softer elements.  I tend to use color, line and texture for balance preferring spatial equipoise to dramatic statements of fashion."    

Because we believe that every project is a  deeply personal space we don't photograph our work. For those on this site seeking to better understand our design sensibility, you'll find a small gallery of furnishings we love. These are all, by the way, products that can be purchased at Antara Home. 


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